We think the secret is simple, and genuine: no one can resist a smile and a how do you do! Strike up a conversation with people. Ask them how they are. Don’t go in for the hard sell. Be a person first, last, always.

The perfect time for your social media is…now!? No really, we’re not exaggerating. Think about it: people are working from home, which means they’re saving a lot of time.

It also means they’re spending a lot of time on social media. We sure are!? Use this time to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to Social media

1: It’s the million dollar question: How do you get clients/customers?

1⃣ Post more regularly. Build a solid social media presence while you have the time.

2⃣ Post value content. What is useful to your target audience?

3⃣ If you don’t have a website, this is a great time to get one!

Social media isn’t just about selling. It’s about being useful, being real and being funny – so they remember you when the time comes to buy.?