We recently wanted to share files between 2 computers on the same network. 🖥

When we finally managed it we were amazed at how easy it was!😀

Whether you’re collaborating with a family member on the same document, or want your office files to update in real time on your colleagues’ computers, this is invaluable to you.⭐

➡️Click to follow the super easy steps! Let tech make your life easy!

🎚 Difficulty level: Beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to Social media

4: How to transfer files between computers?

Step1: Select the folder you want to share, right click and go to properties

Step2: Select the sharing tab. click share.

Select “everyone” and click Add (select Read/Write) in permission

Step3: Go to control panel, then advance sharing settings.

Turn to ‘on’ all the tabs under home/public/private and ‘turn off password protected’

Step4: Use another computer that you want to share with. Type the network path (that you see marked red) in its My Computer’s status bar. Enter your shared folder and Happy Sharing!